Pest Control – How to Eliminate Cluster Flies in Houses & Structures

Trust 5 Star Pest Control To End Cluster Flies Problems

Cluster Flies, commonly known as attic flies are household pests. The cluster fly averages between 1/4 to 3/8 inch long. They are dark gray, never metallic blue or green. When crushed, they give off an odor like buckwheat honey. Cluster flies closely resemble house flies, but they are usually larger and have a yellowish sheen on the thorax. They move slowly. They gather in cluster or large numbers, most often around windows on the sunniest side of a structure.

Problems Usually Begin in the Fall

When fall approaches, cluster flies begin to enter structures in large numbers. Problems with cluster flies usually begin in late August as they move to winter quarters to over-winter. The cluster fly is seeking warm sites with protective cracks for shelter, crawling back as far as they can get. It is important to consider treatment before this happens.

Cluster flies have been known to squeeze around the edges of windows that are weather-proofed. As the number of cluster flies attracted to the building increases, large clusters of flies huddle inside wall voids, attics, and false ceilings. Most infestations occur in the upper regions of buildings, such as the attics of homes. In multi-story buildings, the cluster flies can be found in the upper two or three floors, and almost always of the south and west sides of the buildings.

If you have unseasonably warm weather in the late fall or winter, the cluster fly may emerge thinking it is spring, going for the warmer air outside. Cluster flies fly very slowly when they just wake up. They are strongly attracted to light, so they are usually found around windows. At night, they are attracted to lamps.

How Can They Be Controlled?

5 Star Pest Control & Cabin Care’s service for Cluster Flies is a treatment designed to intercept the flies as they come to the house using a residual (long-lasting) insecticide. A one-time treatment is usually about 80% effective at reducing the number of Cluster Flies inside a home.

You may also want to consider 5 Star’s Home & Cabin Care Service, a program consisting of regular, preventive inspection and treatment as needed for insects and mice. This year-round program covers carpenter ants, other small ants, spiders, roaches, other crawling insects, bee and wasp nests, and mice. You may be surprised at how economical this program really is even with adding Asian lady beetle service.

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